P5B-E Won't POST -- First Time Build

I've just ordered a new set of dual 1MB memory sticks, this time Kingston. I put together my first build-it-yourself PC this past weekend and it won't post and my testing and ASUS support point me in this direction. But not sure this is right. Here's what I got:
ASUS P5B-E motherboard with Intel Core2Duo E6300 (using Intel stock cooler)
Sunbeam 550W Nuuo PSU
Tried Corsair Value Select 667 DDR2 dual 1GB memory sticks
twin Seagate SATA 320GB SATA drives
Samsung DVD burner

After not getting it to POST at all (single beep), I disconnected both HDDs and the DVD burner. Doublechecked all power settings (note--all fans on case, cpu and vga power on). took out each memory stick and tried with one stick at a time in the A1 and then the B1 slots. No diff. Tried resetting CMOS and rerunning the memory sticks one at a time, both together, no diff (actually a little diff, sometimes I got one beep sometimes not, before it went nowhere). I pulled all mem out and got a one long, two short beep response which what suggested to the ASUS guy that the memory was likely the issue.

I bought the Corsair based on the Corsair site saying it would work, so now I'm going to return them and get the Kingston mem that's listed on the ASUS qual. vendor list.

Is there something else I should check? I see a lot of folks who've had similar issues but it seems they mostly had higher rated memory and were trying overclocking. I'm not even getting that far. I guess I could have short but not sure how I'd figure out what component might be shorting. Can't believe it's a power issue with so little on the system....

Thanks for any help.
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  1. One beep is a good thing. ASUS manual is wrong.

    Did you try starting it up out of the case. Lay the mobo on a box and only the min hardware to boot?

    I'm starting a new build Friday with almost the same components.

    C2D E6300
    Corsair ValueSelect 512X2 667
    ENERMAX Noisetaker II E 485W
  2. One beep would be OK with me if it went onto the BIOS setup, but it doesn't. What is wrong in the manual? the list of acceptable memory sticks? or something else.
  3. No, just that one beep means a error. It doesn't.

    I just hope i don't have the same problem you're having.

    I don't know what else to tell you. Post here if the new ram works.
  4. Yes, the switch from Corsair to Kingston memory did the trick. The system posted without any problem once I put in the new memory. I have an issue with the WinXP install not enabling the disk manager so that I can reconfigure my primary drive and format the second drive (there's something missing in the installation of RPC service and Logical Disk Manager service that's screwed up--even when I start those services, but that's another issue).

    Anyway, the Kingston memory makes a diff in my case. Don't know if the Corsaid memory was bad in some way. What's peculiar is that I asked ASUS support if they had an update to their Qual. Vendor list that now ref. the Corsair memory I bought. Their reply was that Asus doesn't certify memory--go to the memory vendor--I did that by going to Corsair in the beginning and their memory guide confirmed its compat. with the ASUS P5B-E board. So go figure.
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