WinXP (SP2) File Sharing Help Needed

Here's the scenario:

I am running a two-PC workgroup with a
1) Desktop (main PC) connected to a LinkSys wireless router via a cable
2) Laptop connected to the LinkSys router wirelessly
3) Wireless printer hooked up to the router (doesn't affect this, just for completeness)

I am trying to set up File Sharing between the PCs. Both are running WinXP SP2. Trying to share a folder on a C: drive (title is "Work in Process"; there is one on both PCs). This is what happens: I am able to see it in Network Neighborhood on both PCs. I can get into the folder and the subfolders. The minute I try to 1) copy a file from the shared folder to the PC; 2) open a file from the shared folder on the remote PC (the problem exists both ways) I get an Access Denied violation (please make sure the file is not in use, etc.).

Both PCs are running Simple File Sharing. Sharing for the folders on both PCs are set up to Share and Modify.

There is a firewall (Win FW), but I did try to turn it off and the problem was still there.

Please help. This is driving me (with, admittedly, a very limited knowledge of networking) insane.
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  1. Have you setup the users for both PCs?

    Comp 1 used by bob
    Comp 2 used by ann

    On comp 1 make additional user: ann
    On comp 2 make additional user: bob

    i.e. Both comps should have users bob and ann

    Hope that was clear.
  2. Finally got it to work after endless searching online.

    I had my own account on both (same name with admin privileges)

    Point #1. I couldn't get simple file sharing to work (btw, and I may be wrong, but I think Simple FS authenticates as Guest, regardless of whether or not Guest is enable locally)

    Point #2. For "non-simple" file sharing, it still would not work until I read SOMEWHERE, after literally hours of messing around, that XP will not authenticate without a password. All it took was adding passwords to the accounts. That seems like 1) such a friggin' stupid concept, and 2) MS could, at least, note that.

    Which why I hate them, but that's a separate topic.
  3. Gotta love MS :D Anyway IMO needing a password is a good thing
  4. Hey I noticed you seem to have this stuff down pretty well. I have a shared folder that shows up on our network which 9 other computers access. But not all can access some times. Am I maxing out the number of computers that can access at the same time? Also I would like to put a password on the folder where it requires a password to access it. All computers are Win XP SP2 pro. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Quote:
    network which 9 other computers access.

    Windows XP Pro has a limit of 10 concurrent users. Funny since you have only nine PCs so you aren’t reaching that limit. You could try the following. True it is sort of a “dirty soulution” but could help.;en-us;314882

    For the file sharing password you have to turn of simple file sharing and set up the folder with user permissions. Check the following 2 c how it is done. (Hope I was clear there if not please ask and I’ll try to rephrase):;en-us;307874

    Good luck
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