W7 install problem ' Select Driver to be installed'

hi first post here.

Im having a problem installing windows 7 on multiple hard drives and i dont know if its a problem with the hdd's itself or the installation setup. installation works fine on laptops but not on some harddrives i put on my open test bench. (though i have installed it on two harddrives on the same test bench.

the message i get is :
Select driver to be installed
this then has a blank box
a popup comes up:
a requireds cd/dvd is missing. if you have a floppy disc, CD,DVD or flash USB drive, please insert it now.

Note: if you have the windows installation disc inside you can safely remove it now.


help please :(

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  1. ive also tried on windows vista, same problem with the same harddrives.

    Win XP says there are missing drivers and cannot continue.
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