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Can't boot into Windows 7

I have had Windows 7 installed on this machine as the primary OS for a little while now. I decided to dual boot it with XP so I created a new partition. XP installed on to the new partition just fine, but it seems to have broken the boot manager. I've installed ubuntu on to that other partition I created for XP so it's using the linux boot manager. I can choose Ubuntu (Jaunty) at startup and it loads fine, but when I choose Windows 7 it hangs at the blinking cursor. I used my XP disc to go into windows repair and ran fixboot & fixmbr on the W7 installation and all that did was mess up the Linux boot manager and still won't let me into W7. Anyone know what the deal is?
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    When you installed the older OS, it wiped the Win 7 boot loader. The older OSs do not understand how to boot 7 at all. And trying to repair your start up with the older disc isn't going to solve anything. Repair your start up using the Win 7 DVD.

    Win 7 is the same:

    How to perform a Startup repair:
  2. Unfortunately I installed windows 7 using a virtual drive, so I don't have a physical disc to boot up with, and I don't have a dvd burner.
  3. Awesome the windows recovery disc I downloaded from that site worked flawlessly! Thanks a ton :)
  4. I had the Windows 7 freeze up on boot for two days. I was so frustrated. It worked beautifully for two weeks straight from the manufacturer, then the dreaded windows update popped up and installed KB976325 and KB890830 and everything started locking up. The boot up would take 5 minutes so I decided to reinstall the OS. That didn't go well and was hanging anywhere from the first sign of windows, to the color logo and even booting from DVD when loading files. Nothing would work and then I read that someone mentioned possible video card conflicts or Sata conflicts. So I unplugged everything from the laptop, pulled out the battery, and the extra SATA hard drives and reinstalled again on a new partition and finally it worked and loaded up like a standard build. After installing all the drivers and windows updates (minus the ones listed above), I reinstalled the sata drives and battery and it worked well far. I must mention I have dual nVidia graphics cards and was ready to remove them as a last resort to load the OS but luckily didn't have to. Hope this helps someone.
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