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I was wondering if someone could recommend a book based on the Introduction of electronics and Electrical Engineering. From the start of the understanding of the Electron itself, to the abstract and profound fundamentals of Electronics to day. From basic +/- circuit understandings to the depths of the Central Processing Unit.
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  1. One book which helped me learn about electronics was "Getting Started in Electronics" by Forrest M. Mims III. Actually, I've owned several of his books, and they are all understandable and interesting. This is his page listing everything he has published; Getting Started is on top. As for how CPUs work, Steve Gibson on the Security Now podcast did a series giving a layman's explanation of that topic. Since the page I linked to has all of the podcasts on it, the ones you want are numbers 233, 235, 237, 239, 241, (I don't remember if 245 is part of the series), 247, 250, 252, and 254. I hope you find something fun to do - that's what keeps you going :)
  2. These book may help me before I get a job at Intel, AMD, or IBM. That is my initial goal...and PCB/Circuitry hobby.



    P.S. If you come by any other good one or any of your pal down at the local tavern have anything to give, post please.

    2nd P.S. I don't know if you drink or not. It was a conversation threader.
  3. Well, that's my sort of goal also - eventually, when I get out of college :)
    Also, listen to the Portable Dog Killer episode of Security Now; it should give you some extra motivation!
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