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I am not 100% sure that this is the right thread,feel free to move me if it is not, I have recently decided to add electronic menu boards in the restaurants that I manage I was thinking something like two 32 in lcds would be fine. However I am not familiar in this area at all so i wanted to see if anyone had any advice on which types of tvs would work best, software, usb drives etc.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Depends on the environment they are moving to.
    Things to consider:

    Energy Efficiency
    Environmental hazards ( grease, smoke, )
    How are they connected to the system?

    Technically, you could go with the low of the low end, like sylvania, or Best Buy's home brand and they should be very readable at native resolution. However, you also need to consider your cost of one should fail. Lost business? Ease of replacement? Weight?

    Should they be away from the grease smoke and from people's hands, I'd probably recommend a 720 resolution 32in LCD tv. Any higher resolution and you run into readability issues if you haven't worked that out yet.

    If you are putting these in a hostile environment, they make industrial TVs for quite a bit more.
  2. I would consider putting it behind a protective shield so nobody can interfere with it and gives a bit of protection from environment.

    I wouldn't go crazy on price, a cheap energy efficient model should be ok.

    As for connection, try and get a wirless unit and create your own animated menus and play them across, think movies streaming.
  3. thanks for the help guys, I agree with you das_stig however the p.i.c. doesnt want to get too "fancy" he just wants an image. we are going to do a hanging mount so it will be out of reach of any hands and it will be in a pretty clean smoke free air conditioned room. So good news is we can go cheap! What do I need to look for as far as usb support on the tvs?
  4. If you just need a picture to display that you can easily change, this is simple. Most TV's with a USB port support JPEG. Put together a thumb drive and take it to your local TV store and try it out. All you will need to do is swap out the thumb drive with one that has your updated image. Easy as pie.

    Just make sure to turn off the power save options on the TV you choose.


    USB port allows you to connect up a usb drive with an image.
  5. Awesome so I am good as long as the usb port doesnt say service port on it.
  6. Correct. You might want to bring along your Menu on USB just to see how it looks on various TVs while you shop.
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