Will my psu be strong enough to sustain a dvd burner?

Hi, im using the hardware listed in my sig, with an addition of a
ati tv wonder 200 (tv tuner card) and i wanted to add a pioneer DVR-710 dvd burner, will my 480W psu sustain it? will the amps be enough?
or should i begin looking for a chasis to make the burner external, or one of those ata to usb cables to make it hotswapable? Im not currently planning on getting a new psu (im planing on doing so later when ill be geting a new dx10 gpu, by about winter 2007 time)

p.s. currently i have: - 2x hd's(280bg's, both ide)
- 1x Yamaha F1 CD-RW burner
- 1x Pioneer DVD drive

btw i just realized that i do not have anymore space on the motherboard to plug in another ide device, is it possible to plug it through the usb interface on the motherboard?

In regards to external usb enclosures for the dvd burner, does anyone have any sugggestions? any good/fast/reliable ones, i was looking for some hot swappable, so i wouldnt have to power down the pc to connect the drive? btw do the external enclosure data transfer slow down the data transfer by a lot?

Thank You for all replies.
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  1. Dvd burners don't take up that much power at all. Your psu should be more than sufficient for your system.

    About the only commonly used add-on component you really have to worry about are high end video cards and your psu should work fine for even that, except for an SLI or Crossfire setup, or the new 8800 series cards.

    I myself am getting by with no problems on a 430w Antec psu with an A64 3800, a 7900GT, and a Nec dvd burner.
  2. No need to worry about your PSU. It has more than enough power for another DVD burner. A DVD burner uses about 13w from the 12v rail, and about 4w on the 5v rail.

    You can install an IDE controller card into one of your empty PCI slot. I currently have 1 DVD Burner, 1 DVD ROM, and 4 IDE hard drives in my current PC.
  3. thx for the info, i wasnt shoor since i have already 2 hd's and 2 optical drives + a tv tuner, i wasnt shoor if itll be enough Amperage wise (since i only have 18amps, and only 1 rail)
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