Amazing new physics engine - Lagoa Multiphysics

I did a search on google and found that the following information has never been posted here at Tom's, so I thought I would be the first to introduce you all to Lagoa Multiphysics. It looks 10X better than anything ATI or Nvidia has, watch the video but watch it in 720p for full effect. I'd love to see an article about this engine, the people behind it, and future implementation. Even more demonstrations would be great.
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  1. /jawdrop
  2. That is quite impressive. Sent this along to our editorial folks.
  3. Cool, looking forward to more info about this and how it will affect gaming especially. :)
  4. i remember i'v seen something like this, some guys claim they have created an engine that isn't 3D but it actually dots and doesn't require a video-card to render, just simple processing which processes each frame from a database of values and then just shows the requested point of view.

    It was on youtube and the shadows were flickering and had a problem.

    I see lots of dots in this video... is it the same engine am talking about?
  5. ok i just found the video after a lot of searching.
    Obviously it's not the same technology.
    It's called Unlimited Detail Technology and base on cloud particle something i donno.

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