What shouldthe PCI-Express frequency be at?

SUP, in my bios there is an option to adjust my pci-express frequency. i was wondering if i took it off auto and maxed it out, will i gain more FPS in my games? thanks :)
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  1. Leave it at 100mhz. There isn't any performance gain, if anything it can only hurt to raise it.

    In very minimally occurring overclock situations, it will get you a bit higher max OC on your CPU by bumping to 102-103mhz on the PCI-E bus, but other than that, no reason to.
  2. There is others bottlenecks in 3d performance. PCIX bandwidth is sufficient and dont need to be OC.

    Play around with other frequencies to gain more speed out of your hardware.
  3. YOU MUST LEAVE IT AT 100 unless you really know what your doing, there is little to be gained, and often significant decreases in performance, much advised to stay away from overclocking that.

    If you want better fps get riva tuner (if it nvidia) or ati tool box (if ATI) and overclock the gpu and gddr
  4. I recommend ATItool version BETA 15. It works for nVidia cards and has the scan for artifacts feature that I consider extremelly important.

    Go ahead and put it to the max
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