Great Work.

Hi maggots. :na:

I am really happy, and yet surprised of how compatible this website is with Opera10.

I own HTC Touch2 and on Opera10 this website works like a charm, runs like a dream, smooth as silk, tasty as cream... Not one bity problem. i usually don't suggest or crap like that, but this awesomeness just made me do it. effin awesome. now Tomy is never far away. in my pocket, ready to be visited. (**** i know :pt1cable: :love: :bounce: :p)

Keep up your good work, and keep providing us with quality stuff.
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  1. Yes, it does indeed work well on Opera 10- mobile or otherwise. I have both, but yes, like you said, it works great on my Blackberry just as well as it would on my laptop/desktop.
  2. This must be an age thing - I have trouble navigating Tom's on a 19" monitor! :??:

  3. What :s
  4. I don't usually get to say this on behalf of Tom's... but you're welcome! :)
  5. One of my buddies in high school was called Maggot. My wife uses Opera. Men use Chrome. Maggot often asked to bum a muleturd (Marlboro cigarette). The thing about Magner was He was a non believer. I had to drive him to to the speedway to prove there were cars powered by turbine engines turning 4's in the quarter mile. There were no cell phones back then. I worked at Rent-A-Center and had to keep a pocket full of dimes to call my dispatcher for my next pickup. Dairy Queen was a favorite stop of mine to use the pay phone to call in. One of my other friends met three of his wives at Dairy Queen. My kids have expensive phones. They spend hours each day texting. Every time I talk to them they are holding their phone in one hand looking down texting hearing bits and pieces of what I am saying. Conversation with my children has become useless. I have to learn to stand before them and text them and not speak directly to them to get their attention. It would be a shock. "Hey, Dad learned to text has He sent you one of his retardo mesages yet?"
  6. ^ why don't you post this philosophical bullcrap somewhere else?
  7. I don't know if I should condemn you for your stupidity or marvel at your ability to form words.
  8. :lol: Priceless
  9. I had forotten about working at Rent-A-Ripoff! One of the drivers parked his truck in an alley downtown, smashed the window with a brick and called in and said He had been robbed. Im pretty sure He dropped off the huge load of TVs, steroes, microwaves, a bunch of stuff at a buddys house and staged the whole robbery thing. His truck was packed! :lol:
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