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Monitor problem or something else?

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April 27, 2002 6:10:28 PM

Not sure if it's the monitor. New PC with G force 2 video card, 512 ram, 350 mgz. 2 problems, may be related. Monitor 1 is 3 years old and while on line it would "fade to black". To get it back, I had to turn it off, then on. Finally it "faded to black" and died. Monitor 2 Seems all right EXCEPT while playing CD games. Now whenever there is a screen change in the game, the monitor automatically turns off, then back on again, There is a loud clicking noise when this happens. Both monitors are CRT and good brand names. I am planning on getting a new monitor, but won't do it now until I find out what's going on. Any help would be much appreciated

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April 29, 2002 5:45:10 PM

The second problem you reported happens to me every now and then, though I cannot associate it with any other event on my machine. I posted here and was told that it was nothing. The one suggestion I would make is to make sure that you're power cord is securly in the back of your monitor. I found that mine had come loose (cause I always hit my knees on the desk). Adjusting the power cord helped, but the turning off still happens.

April 30, 2002 6:55:20 AM

Monitor 2 should be fine if it is a sony cpd e200 or other older trinitron. I have this model and it does this everytime it changes resolution (games and different game menus within are often in different rez from windows and each other). I don't know why and it bothered me for a while too, but the picture quality of the sony is good enough that I could care less. The newer sonys don't seem to "click". I had e540 (returned due to problems with ghosting) that did not click at all but it's picture was bad which is more important.

Don't worry about monitor 2. It is your monitor and not your card. Keep it unless you can't stand the clicking. The clicking is very loud in mine kinda like a soda springing back after a squeeze.

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
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April 30, 2002 6:57:51 AM

Oops that should be "soda can" not "soda".

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
April 30, 2002 2:41:09 PM

Some monitors still use mechanical relays to change high voltages. The voltage changes are required when the monitor changes resolution. The click you here is the relay. Annoying yes, however nothing to worry about.

Jim Witkowski
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May 6, 2002 7:00:08 PM

Last night my monitor started the loud clicking noise worse than I have ever heard it, and this time it repeated itself over and over. I was not changing resolutions at all, I wasn't even using the machine. I turned the monitor off, and the noise persisted so I completely shutdown and unplugged my monitor. Any thoughts as to what this might be? Is my voltage switch going bad? I'm going to test the vid card tonight so I can rule it out. I will also test the monitor on another machine. All input is appreciated.