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In reading reviews on Amazon for the various MIMO routers, including the newest Linksys SRX 400 and Rangemax 240, it eppears that people are experiencing a lot of problems. I've read Tom's reviews, but these appear to focus on core performance more than quality issues that may be of a hit and miss nature. These problems don't seem to be with performance but instead with connection drops, VPN etc. There are a lot of annoyed people saying that the manufacters appear to be rushing out these products with bugs. In fact I'm having trouble finding any high performance wireless router that does not have a lot of complaints. SO .... here are some questions:

1. How is one to determine when these products have stabilized ?
2. Should I assume that Amazon attracts negative opinions much more than positive ?
3. I'm interested in a router (or antenna) that will notably and reliably improve range over my old DLink 11b router, without adding new connection or VPN problems, when using classic laptop integrated wireless g and b. Any suggestions ?
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  1. Hi Sparcel,

    I'm from the uk so not sure if this will apply as such to your questions, however if choosing a MIMO solution my own experience with the rated D-Link solution here on THG was a poor one.

    My own 108mbs router failed, no replacement for it was avail as it had been discontinued as a line product, so I opted for the D-Link DI634M + DWLG650M pcmcia card. Eagerly awaited it duely arrived after 2 days of painstaking setup / reset and both vendor / D-link support, reinstall of OS blah blah blah, it was sent back faulty. Couldn't get the Router/card to communicate but they could see each other, the Router fell over during reboots, changing settings and you could fry an egg on it it was so hot (43 deg C).
    So off it went and a replacement arrived, this one worked gasp! 3 day's later the wireless access died, then the router started falling over as above and again making the breakfast was no problem, D-link support denied problems and were more interested in the heat issue than solving the problem of basically poor hardware / software.
    Incidentally the WAN/LAN worked ok throughout.

    Solution avoid MIMO until the (n) rated equipment has been approved. Interim soution would be to buy an antenna with better gain if you can attach to you current D-Link.

    HTH - sc00bie :D
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