Mobo or PSU problem. Not sure.

Hi all,

I got:

P4 3.4Ghz (Prescott)
P4C800-E mobo
350W PSU
2 HDDs + 1 DVD-Burning

It started a week ago, when I power ON the computer in the morning it automatically powers down after 1.5 sec (without any on-screen activity), after some troubleshooting I figured out that if I disconnect the power from the DVD-ROM or any of the HDDs it boots but it complains that the computer is over-clocked incorrectly (I did not touch the over-clocking options), it gives me the options to continue (F1) or reset the over-clocking to default (F2). So what I do is press (F2), and shut down right before it loads windows, I re-connect the power to the HDDs or DVD-Rom and it successfully loads windows.

Yesterday windows complained that I changed the hardware significantly enough to have my MS Windows CD-Key expired, or disabled, it asks me to re-activate my windows with another key, also when I do some functions in some games the computer gives up and just powers off. (It all started a week ago, I did not have any problems at all before then)

I wonder, do I have a Mobo problem or a PSU problem… AsusProbe doesn’t report any problem, PSU voltages are OK, CPU doesn’t over-heat, no hints what-so-ever.

I would highly appreciate any coherent opinions you guys might have before I proceed with the next troubleshooting step (which is buy a new PSU or a new Mobo).

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Looks like a PSU problem for me. 350 W is barely enough for that PC. Not to mention that some generic PSUs never get to the "advertised" W.

    Try booting your sys and run some CPU and GPU intensive tasks to see if the PSU can keep up with the load.

    Hope it helps!
    And sorry for my english!
  2. Your power supply is too weak to supply enough voltage during cold bootup. I had the exact same problem with another asus board, and changing the ps fixed it. I suggest sparkle (fortron), antec, or enermax in 450-550 watt range.
  3. Thanks all, a new PSU did fix the problem, actually I bought one before reading the comments here, so I purchased a 410W (I hope it enough, I know you suggested 450W)

    Thing is the 350W worked well with the same hardware for a whole year, I guess the PSU was working extra hard and finally gave up (or got weaken), maybe with the dust factor as well...

    Anyways, I hope this new 410W will last another year, i'll be a new comp by then :)
  4. A 300W FSP power supply would do the job, or a 350W Antec, any lower-budget parts might work for a while but will probably just go bad again.

    Let me repeat: Your system could kill a 550W generic $25 power supply, but it would barely even push a top-quality 300W unit.
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