friends say this maby be hardware or memory problem

hey guys i do not know if this is the write place to do this if so please excuse me : /

ok heres the deal

i just built a computir from newegg ok iv had about 2 weeks iv been playing half life 2 , and star wars galaxies onit thats it all its been used 4 recent maby some internew work and this fillin out right here lol

well yesterday i was playing halflife 2 and it just froze up hanged and exited out

igo back into it it runs a bit then cause a error ok i play star wars now it does the same ok

i restart and ect ect i open up half life again and it goes about half way threw a lvl on the game it will cut off or NOW it restarts the computor and when it comes up it says microsoft has encounterd an serioud error report and don't ect ect ....

what is going on i thought maby i just had a bad driver do i reinstalled the graphics driver it worked about 15 mins then wam again restart i can seem to run windows but just can;t run a game any suggestion on what to do iv don almost everything i can think of im am officily LOST on what next ??

please someone help .
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  1. Perhaps it's overheating? Hard to know without more info. Please list the brands and (especially) model numbers of ALL parts of the computer, including CPU, memory, case, any fans, CPU cooler, graphics card, etc.
  2. asus asn-e motherboard
    amd athlon 64 3800+
    xion II case with 450 watt PS
    bfg nvidia 256mb geforce 5500
    ram is 512 ddr333

    the heatsink and fan on the cpu is stock

    the case has 3 fans in it one front one rear and one in the side window

    nuthing is overclocked

    imnot sure what tha ram brand is i got it at best buy a while back just did not need it in my other pc

    im not really thinking its overheating it might be tho i really dunno

    it will run and everything just will shut down when a game is running don't take long ether
  3. Download Memtest to test the ram. If you get errors, the ram is the culprit.

    Asus Probe should be available from the Cd of the Motherboard, monitor the temperature, and the voltage while running a program called Prime95. Should tell you a lot about the stability of the system.
  4. I agree. I would definately DL memtest and make a bootable cd so you can test all the ram before the OS and apps are loaded into it. Is it possible for you to swap out your vid card and see if you get the same problems with a different video card. But the very first thing I would do is remove all your cards and ram and reseat everything so that you know it is all in properly. Too many time a new build is befouled by a ram or vid card not quite pushed in tight enough. The problem I had on this build was when I put the screw in that holds the vid card secure. When tightened it made the rear of the vid card lift about an eight inch and was enough to cause some of the same things you are describing.
  5. ok i will try to take a better look at that mavy over the weeks the card worked its way out who knows lol

    no i was gona order a card off new egg just a ato card for like 40 bucks just incase it did not work lol

    i downloaded eurosoft but i can't get it to unzip correctly ill try getting the programs in ya requested and go from there

    now the probe is saying my chassis fan is not turning or at 0 rpms

    this is idel

    cpu temp 122f
    cpu fan 2220 rpm
    mb 93f
    chipset 6750rpm
    v core 1.41v
    +3.3 3.28v
    +5.0 4.92v
    +12.0 12.22v

    thats the probe reading
  6. What brand and model number power supply do you have?

    Also,as mentioned above, running PRIME95 in torture-test mode is an excellent idea.
  7. also, when running memtest, you can try different slot combination, only on stick, etc.
  8. well i got memtest from a site off google and i put it in and it got up to aroudn 66% and my pc restarted and then got to bios and then restarted again and then bios was solid black and there was blue lines spoted at the top of the screen looks like broken up lines

    i don't even think my pc will stay running long enof to run prime :(
  9. Next time, when it acts weird and restarts, go into the BIOS and look at the temps. Also, make sure the fan on the graphics card and the fan on the CPU are spinning.

    What model number CPU cooler do you have?
    What model number power supply do you have?
  10. iv come to bleave its the power supply maby i dunno

    its the stock PSU that came with this case my case now

    and my cooling system is the stock system on the amd 64 3800+

    here a link for that also

    i bleave something is not working right last crash was getting 69 C and right wne it hit 70 C it cut the game off and went to desktop and said a client failed

    and the fan was runnig around 3000rpm to 3500

    i don;t understand whyy it would jsut all of a sudden start overheathing tho

    its a fresh system too 2 weeks old only things thats not fresh about it is the ram and graphics card both about a year old but worked Great in the desktop b4 this one and worked Great till this sudden crash i don;t know whats going on
  11. You didnt happen to bump your CPU heatsink did you?
  12. Well if you are not overclocking,then I would say that memory is your problem.This is not uncommon for ram to be bad and although no one likes to hear that they need to upgrade to better ram,sometimes it's for the best.My opinion is bad memory.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X EVGA 7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  13. This thread got me thinking. I just got my new X850XT in today, my first double-slot card. The PCI-E slot does seem to be a bit out of line, and the screw pulls it a bit. Will it be ok if I just put in the bottom screw on the two-slot bracket?

    I tend to get stuttering when I have textures set high, with this and my previous X800XL. Could this misalignment cause that? Thanks.
  14. 50 degrees celcius is a bit high for an idle temp on that CPU.... you could try running a CPU intensive program, and checking your temps at load. That CPU SHOULD be idling around mid to high 30's to very low 40's. With that being said, 50c isn't to high, just that you say that is idle gets me thinking it might be an issue. Also, make sure the front case fans blow in while the back fans exhaust the air. You don't have any thermistors installed under the heatsink do you? I know it's kind of a dumb question, but I have seen someone do it before. OP, thermistor is a heat measuring device.

  15. If you think your pci-e slot is out of line with your case then bend your case to make it inline with the pci-e slot. otherwise, take out the motherboard and put the card in and then remount the motherboard.
  16. A SLIGHTLY bent bracket is no big deal, you should not use any force to make it fit, but with my 6800U with a Antec 1050, the screws were not perfectly in line. I could still screw them and have a slightly bent bracket, no big deal
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