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I have agreed to set up a wireless network for my mother's small company of 2. Here's what they want to do:
* purchase the equipment (Linksys Wireless G). Only allow computers to connect to the router in a specific IP range.
* set up the desktop and the wireless network – the desktop will house our shared files that we will want to access from our laptops. We do not need to share applications.
* make sure all our laptops can access the internet and the network but exclude other computers
* set up the printer to access to network. The printer will be connected to the desktop as it is not a network printer but will be shared.

This all seems fairly easy to do but I have never set up a wireless network by IP addresses rather that WEP. Does anyone know how to do this? Can I protect by MAC addresses rather than the specified IP range?

I appreciate your help with this!
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  1. I think she has some wrong data. IP Address.

    IP address is controlled by the DHCP or static IP config. Her ISP may have assign a static IP. Just put all the connection info into the router, you should be fine.

    Setup your wireless with WPA-TKIP, better secutity than WEP. Not much different both use keys.

    If you have MAC Address mapping, use it, so the computers will keep the same IP address.

    Printer sharing is easy, just activate file and printer sharing on the computer you want to share the printer on.

    Wireless speed with 2 users will be slow. Bandwith is shared, 2 ps on a 54mbps = 27mbps. Try to have one computer wired, with the other wireless. Unless they are close to each other you may not like the performace.
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