2.5" ATA100 or ATA-6???

I need to get a replacement HD for a Compaq n800v laptop. The hard drive it has now is a Toshiba # HDD2165 F ZE01 T
serial number- 42S94482T 2S2 EC.A

I know its not SATA but I see on newegg they have sata, ata-6 and ultra ata 100 2.5 inch hds. I looked at the pics for a ata-6 and an ultraata100 hd connecter pins and they BOTH look exactly like my hd's pins. Is this just an error or is ther really a difference btwn ata-6 and ata-100?

Also, if someone could direct me to a AC adaptor for the same notebook COmpaq n800v.

Listen I inherited it for free, its got a pentium 4M, a 15" 1400x1050 LCD, and 1gb RAM, if all i have to do is replace the HD it should run word just fine eh?

elp ould ee ppreciated
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  1. My understanding ATA 6 and ATA100 are the same, maybe the ATA 6 comes with a a interface connector.. I upgraded my dell 4150 with an ATA100 Seagate HD from NewEgg. I took the interface connector off the old HD and placed on the new HD. Noticeable difference between the 5400rpm and the 7200rpm.
  2. all it does is refers to the interface speed between hard drive and motherboard, ie: ata66 runs at nearly 66MegaBytes a second, and an ata100 runs at nearly 100MB/s, as for your query, ata-5 supports ata66 at speeds of 66MB/s, ata-6 supports ata100 and at speeds up tp 100MB/s, so u can fit an ata100 drive in your laptop

    4200rpm, 5400rpm, 7400rpm and even 10000rpm refers to the hard drive spin speeds, so the faster spin speed means quicker loading times and use more power hence shorter battery times

    but beware of bios limitations depending on laptop model and bios revision, fitting larger drives than the bios limit, anything over is wasted space. for example, old drive is 20gig, bios limit is 50gig, fitting a new 80gig drive the bios will see it as an 50gig drive rather the drive size of 80gig, while fitting a 40gig will be fine which is under the limit

    most hard drive connectors are the same, so for 3.5" desktop drives, the interface connector is 40pins, while the 2.5" laptop drive is 50pins due to the provision of power lines while the 3.5" drive uses a separate power connector
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