Monitor shuts down randomly! Please help!

Hey guys... I can't seem to figure this one problem out. It's been going on for the past few days and I'm absolutely baffled.

I'll boot my computer up and everything is fine. The computer will be running and minding its own business, no problems whatsoever until it gets into Windows. Once it has been running for about 15 minutes or so the display goes blank. It is still receiving power, however it doesn't seem to be receiving a signal. The computer is still on however the display is unresponsive to the usual moving of the mouse, keyboard, etc. Furthermore, this happens during use... it isn't idling by any means and even further than that... the power settings are set to make sure nothing turns off EVER.

Now here's the kicker. I tried to see if the computer was actually running regardless of the fact that the display was blank. The computer is connected to windows server 2003 here at the office so I logged into Windows Server 2003 and connected to my computer using terminal services. Lo and behold I could use my computer remotely with no problems whatsoever. I checked back at the desk and found that the monitor now had a signal, almost as if the monitor's signal was awakened by the remote connection.

I have no idea how any of this could possibly be explained and I'm hoping that someone here has some inkling as to what is going on. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide to this bewildered user.
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  1. Lug the monitor to work and test it on a machine there. If you get the same problem, it's a problem with the monitor.

    If it works fine, pinch a screen from work and test it on your home machine. If you get the same problem, it's a problem with the graphics card (or possibly windows).
  2. Did you check the device manager?It sounds like it could be a driver issue.If you see a yellow question mark or exclamation point,it could be a driver not installed correctly.Does your MB have onboard video?and if so,did you install a graphics card before this started to happen?If so did you disable onboard video in the BIOS?I can`t think what else it might be.You are able to use it remotely and then your monitor works when you go back.Does it shut off again after the same lengh of time?If it always shuts off at the same time interval,it does sound like a power saving function.You may want to check your BIOS to see if it`s enabled there and if so try disabling it.
  3. I had the same problem with my old rig. I determined that my old 300W PSU wasnt giving enough power to the GFX card, hence it cant send a signal to the monitor.

    What PSU do you have? What gfx card do you have?
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