Dual video cards: ATi and nVidia (ATi for TV out only!!!)

Hey all,
I just bought a brand new nVidia 8800GTS gpu and love it! Well... most of it. The TV out feature is really subpar and is not as good as my mildly older Radeon X850 XT card.

What I am asking is that I would like to have BOTH cards in my motherboard. I am not asking for them to both be able to work together to make gaming faster because I know that is impossible! I am going to use the 8800 as the primary and the X850 for TV out only.

I ran a test having both in the system at once and Windows did it's thing detecting the second card and installing the drivers, but in the Catalyst Control Panel, only the 8800 is showing up. I need a way to enable one and disable the other efficiently (not through Device Manager (too risky)) for TV out.

My System setup:
AMD 3700+ Athlon64 oc'ed
4x HDDs = 1.12TB
2x PSUs
ASUS A8N Premium SLi motherboard
....I think that is all the important stuff

Oh, another thing, the reason I am not using the TV out on the 8800GTS is that when I use S-Video to composite (adapter) I get not the full spectrum of colors. When I just use S-Video, I can't get the card to detect the second display. That is really frustrating! I don't know what nVidia's problem is with the new gpus. I tried out a 7800GTX card and it worked with TV out perfectly, and with the 8800, it won't work right. This is really frustrating....

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
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  1. This isnt helpful at all but.... your right, ATI do TV-Out a lot better than Nvidia
  2. Yeah, your right again. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Ok everyone, it is truely true! http://www.tomshardware.com/2004/11/23/nvidia/page32.html

    Wow, what search engine manipulation will do! I need to try it out, but I will be sure to let everyone know how it works out!
  4. Yes, it works!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    The tutorial works with an eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS (first PCIE slot) and an ATi Sapphire Radeon X850 XT.
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