Geez, New vid card, new CPU, new mobo, new memory, HELP!!!

After reading about the 8800's needing a faster CPU I'm about ready to give up. For the past 17 months I have been slowly upgrading my computer. Started with a AMD3000+, 6600GT AGP, 1Gig memory, 450W P.S. Currently have X2 4600+, 7900GT Pci-e, 2Gig memory, 650W P.S. (Have SLi capable mobo but only have 19" Viewsonic LCD. Can't really take advantage of SLI at this resolution) (Have been looking at 24" Dell.) This setup plays Oblivion with no problem.

All I want to do is enjoy what I have. I was actually considering getting a 8800 series if/when the price drops somewhat. But now a new CPU??
I can't. That would involve a new motherboard, memory, plus the video card. Close to $800. (Not to mention Vista for Dx-10)

If The 8800 series will cause my CPU to bottleneck, is there a current card that will help me out to at least last a while longer? 7950X2 is about the only card I can think of. (Not familiar with ATI)
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  1. Your setup is fine, don't worry about it.

    I have a single-core A64 with an X1800XT and I'm extremely tempted to go and buy a C2D and an 8800 but it would be way expensive and would make little difference to my gaming experience.

    Unless you have money to burn or do lots of photoshop / encoding work, there's little point in getting a new CPU right now.
  2. Yup, you still have a year or so of good gaming in that systems.
    Save you pennies, sale that computer to your Uncle or something and get a tottaly new one.

    Your system is well balanced and it wouldn't be smart to put any super performant part in it.
  3. Thanks for the help/info everyone. Good to know I can relax for a year.
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