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I'm building a bleeding-edge Workstation to be used for Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. The plan is to design this machine to last 4+ years without major upgrades, this means that price isn't really a major constraint (aiming for $6-7k per machine). I'll be working with PS files between 1-2GB and Uncompressed HD video with Premiere. Both of these apps are designed to work well in multi-proc environments. I'm currently planning on building the system with the Intel QX6700 on the Nvidia 680i platform.
I'm very curious about workstation and server class motherboards for the Dual and Quad core Xeon procs, especialy ones where I can use more than 1 physical processor, but it is hard to find information comparing thier performance compared to what I'll be seeing on the 680i with the Quad Core type procs, especially once its tuned and OC'ed. Any suggestions where to find data/reviews like that? Anyone doing anything like this out there?
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  1. I work with premiere CS4. Looking at building a system too. This is what I have planned:

    Asus Skull Trail motherboard
    2 x Xeon Cpu
    16gb fb dimm ram
    Raid0 system with a seperate raid controller card
    64 Bit Vista ultimate.

    Anyone has a better idea?

  2. Yes, thanks for that. I did read something about hyperthreading but lost track. I will make sure I do. Thanks so much.
  3. You won't use a Skulltrail board or FB-DIMMS then. It'll be a Xeon 5500 series, with a dual LGA-1366 board. The RAM will be in multiples of 3 as well, so 12 or 24GB are the logical choices.

    Besides, Nehalem Xeons are the way to go for that kind of build (the 5500 series for LGA 1366). They're a LOT faster than the older Xeons they replaced.
  4. Great advise. I had almost purchased the items. Yes, just read about the Nehalems. They are the way to go.
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