Tomshardware rendering on Firefox

Hi, lately TH has started to look worse and worse on Firefox, I'm using version 3.6.8
Notice the ad over other stuff and strange stuff under the benchmarks

and also on the homepage something a bit annoying, but it's been like this for a long time:

dunno exactly how to post photos but I hope I did ok.

Edit:the photo is way to big but I don't know how to make it smaller.
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  1. The latter problem has been around for a long time. It usually only appears on the first page of news headlines. I believe it is caused by the fact that each page has a fixed number of articles displayed and doesn't take into account articles whose headlines go over two lines, thus pushing the last few headlines past the page switching controls.

    I have not seen the first problem before and I run 3.6.8 (you're using the 4.0b3 theme aren't you?). I noticed that you're on the UK mirror though, whereas I use the US mirror. The UK mirror is typically more buggy but that normally applies to the forum and not the main site. As you noted, the images that you posted appear too large for you. On the US forum they get scaled down.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    .com does not seem to have these problmes, I've been using the UK mirror because in the past (when I set my bookmark) whenever I was going to .com it was asking me to select a mirror so I just bookmarked because I was getting tired of selectong close or a mirror. Now it seems that it's not asking me any more so I might just use .com again.
    Also, yes I'm using the Strata40 theme with Strata buddy add-on, but that is not interfering with web page rendering, is it?
  3. If you get issues with being asked what mirror to choose, make sure you got to instead of just That usually avoids the problem. And no, the theme has nothing to do with it, I was just curious. However if you were using 4.0 b3 I would have said that could be the issue. Does the first problem still exist on the US mirror?
  4. No. The US version doesn't seem to have any problems, not even about asking every time which mirror I wish to use, and the layout seems to be correct. I already changed my bookmark to .com :)
    thanks for your help.
  5. No problem. :)
  6. Interesting. I'll make sure the devs know about this.
  7. I forgot to say that the first problem seems to happen only on articles that are not news, like these:

    "Radeon HD 5550 And 5570: Pumped Up With GDDR5"
    "Hacking The iPhone, iPod, And iPad With A Web Page "

  8. I too noticed the first problem a few times when I was test driving some themes. For me, this happened with Glaze Black and a few others. I also noticed that the screen resolution (happens at 1280, 1680, but not 1920,etc) also seem to affect this.
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