LCD - 7900GS trouble

I just got a new XFX7900GS card and am havingtroubles with my LCD monitor, its a Neovo F-419

If i use the DVI - DVI cable the LCD is totally blank, saying 'no connection'... UNTIL the windows screen comes up. (I.e. i cant see any of the boot up stuff, like BIOS)
The LCD monitor will only work correctly (i.e. i can see all the boot up stuff) if I use the D-SUB cable (which connects to the graphics card via a D-SUB - DVI dongle) The other end of this cable fits into the D-SUB socket on the LCD monitor.

The TFT monitor has always worked fine, with my old graphics card (6600GT), straight through the DVI - DVI cable.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
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  1. This sounds like it could be a BIOS issue if you have tried different drivers with the same effect. Please provide me with the product and serial number off of the back of the card (PM me the info please) so I can look into getting you a BIOS update to resolve this.

    XFX Support
  2. I have the latest bios up date for the motherboard. Can the bios be updated for the graphics card?

    Ill forward the details to you shortly.
  3. It is possibly a video card bios issue. Once I get your video cards product and serial number I will have it checked out.

    XFX Support
  4. Just curious if this has been followed up on by anyone. I just put together an EVGA 680i motherboard, E6300, 2GB Corsair, and a single XFX 7900GS. I had the same issue as the original poster.

    I booted and installed everything with the D-Sub cable on an old monitor with no problems. Once I booted on my LCD with the DVI connector, I got no signal on-screen until windows was actually booted. It seems like a BIOS issue to me as well, just curious if there is anymore insight into this issue.

    Thanks a bunch!!!
  5. Try using the other DVI port.

  6. I've run into this same problem wiht a 21" Sceptre monitor. In my case it really was the monitor. I could use the Dsub cable, and I could use a converter on the DVI port and the bios/post would show just fine, but if I tried to just use the DVI port and a DVI cable I wouldn't see anything util the windows desktop loaded. I can't say that's much help, but you aren't the only one who has ever seen this problem.
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