sony PCG-K315Z. Clean XP, Wireless won't install! Help!!

Hi guys,

My friend' SONY laptop pissed him off, so he decided to do a clean fresh Windows XP+SP2 install.

He did it, and installed all the drivers downloaded from the SONY site ( which says pre-installed drivers, work with hard drive recovery )

But the problem is, the fresh XP deleted everything on the hard drive, including the recovery partition. Now all the drivers except wireless network adaptor are working.

The wireless network adaptor doesn't work, driver won't install ( says can't find any better driver than current installed one.) That mean we already installed it, right? But it just won't work!

Note, in the Device manager, there's still a "!" on the adaptor.

Please help!! Thanks!
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  1. Hi,

    I did the exact thing you suggested. But when directe the new hardware wizard to the downloaded driver location, it just said "The instalation can not continue, because the wizard cannot find anything better than your currently installed driver."

    After uninstalled the current driver, and reinstall the downloaded driver in different ways for so many times, the downloaded driver won't work at all.

    What else can I do?
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