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I have 4 computers accessing the internet through my computer's connection via window's ICS. Problem is one user keeps getting the computer infected with spyware and virus and trojan etc that the bandwidth is constantly hogged by that computer, and the only solution is to unplugg her network cable. I try to clean her computer but even after a clean install of windows she still gets the computer infected again after 2 days even though I warned her about installing stuff + having NIS installed. :evil:

So it comes down to me having to lock down the bandwidth on the LAN, is there an easy way to do this via a program or can I do this within windows? If I need to use a program are there free ones out there? Because I looked it up and the best one seems to be a program called bandwidth control but it's not free :(

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but is there a free solution to this?
  2. Here is a free solution, Ban her from the internet completly until she learns not screw things up. Disconnect the cable or turn her port off or something. Obviously she doesnt care about all the work you have to do correct her mistakes. Maybe after not having access for a week, month or whatever she will get the clue.

    P.S. She's not blond is she? :D
  3. Tried that, the outcome was a whining little girl onto you 24/7 nagging about internet not working and I was better off fixing the computer for her. I don't think it's possible in any way to teach a girl how to use a computer properly at all, they just don't understand wtf is going on :roll:

    And she's chinese, take my word for it half the chinese girls out there are dumber than blondes, that's from 25 years of experience 8)
  4. If your using windows XP then try setting her account to limited. This will restrict her on what she can install and do.
  5. Exactly...just make her account a limited account. Create an Admin account with your name and password. The only problem that I see is that she will start to complain that she can't install software when she wants...I had a customer like this one time and after the 3rd time I started handing them a large bill with their machine and of course required payment at pickup. They had a problem with the limited account feature at first then I made an Admin account for them to install Valid sofware and gave specific instructions not to be on the web with the Admin account. Well that went the way of hell and once I haned them the bill for the last time they have not brought it back and I can only deduce that either they found someone else to fix their wreck or they finally listened. Either way I didn't need the headache. You can only be so nice!

    Good luck.

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