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i powered up my new computer that i built and it gives me the following error : Disk boot error" put my windows XP cd inside, and it says press any key to access cd, but the keyboard don't turn on until i get to the display screen. In another words, it won't let me press any key to access the cd because my keyboard don't turn on until i exit that screen..... anyone can help me out please? and why is it saying disk boot error.....
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  1. Double check there isn't a setting in your BIOS. I've seen a couple of BIOS' that have a "USB KEYB Support" option. I assume this means support during boot.

    Just thought though, how do you get into the BIOS if your keyboard doesn't work during boot? Hmmm.
  2. Uh, I haven't used the PS/2 port on my motherboard in 2 years and I've had to set up my computer quite a few times using a USB keyboard and mouse.

    But for the guy having problems, I guess it's worth a shot.
  3. As others have said - enable USB keyboard support in the BIOS
  4. i found the adapter to switch from USB to the regular....

  5. I use the "del" key to enter the bios, unless the screen tells you something else. You need to enter the bios and check the "boot order" settings, usually in the second section on the left. I use "floppy>cd>ide 0 or hardrive". That should fix your disk boot error message.
  6. If you have a floppy in the FDD take it out.
  7. Yup - floppy in drive is the usual cause ofyour disk boot error, also check the HDD power and IDE/SATA connections.

    As for the Keyboard, are you using a USB keyboard? (small rectangular plug ) Some of these don't power up till the OS loads, if this is so try to get hold of a keyboard with a standard mini DIN connector (small round plug) instead.

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