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Dual boot problem

hello, i have both linux and windows 7 with dual boot and after reinstalling windows 7 the boot option about linux does not appear .it boots only from windows...i can fix this only by making anither partition of ubuntu for example and then everything is ok..but i have one exta partition that i dont need...if anyone knows anoher way to fix this can help.... thanks a lot
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  1. Format the partition you don't need and also the one with Linux and make them both as one partition then reinstall Linux. Make sure to put the boot file on your Linux partition. Also Easybcd 2.0 can help setting up a dual boot with win and Linux.
  2. ok..thanks al lot..i ll give a try :)
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    i find out another way to fix it...i boot from my ubuntu cd and restoring from terminal the everything is ok.thanks
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