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I recently upgraded from Windows XP Professional x64 to Windows 7 64 bit. I reformatted my hard drive and installed without any major issues however the audio drivers were not installed. This is my first time ever doing a reformat and know very little about the subject.

I bought the computer about 5 years ago and the motherboard in it is an ASUS P5LD2-VM. The Microsoft website says that this model should be fully compatible with windows seven, but ASUS does not have a driver for windows 7. I tried running the Vista 64 driver, with no luck.

I guess my question is: is it time to upgrade, or can I still salvage a fix and keep running with the old hardware?

Any help would be appreciated


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  1. Best answer Simon

    Accept the agreement ,then click next,it will then show you the driver downloads for WINDOWS 7.
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  3. Unbelievable

    thanks for the quick response, it worked perfectly

    This was a last resort too, was set to go out and buy a soundcard out of frustration.

    Thanks a million,

  4. Great, always willing to help!

    Come back to the forum soon!
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