XP Pro; Remote Printer will not print

I have a program set up on my desk top. Printing is done remotely on my local printer. I am not sure what need to be done through the router for everything to get connected. Do your have any suggestions.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware.

    Give us a little more info about your setup to help understand how you are configuring your system and your printer.

    What OS are you using and what is the make and model of your printer. Is it wireless, or "ethernet ready" or being set up with a print server? Are you setting up a new LAN with a router and switch, or are you trying to add a network printer to the LAN for others to use.

    With a LAN, you can have a printer connected to your local machine, and share it with others on the local network, or you can have a network or wireless printer set up on the LAN, or even connected to the router, for you and others to use. Setting up a printer on a network can be tricky so don't be discouraged.

    With more detail, someone can help you get configured properly.
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