How to make a file or folder not clickable

Hello, is their a way I can make a folder or file not able to be clicked?
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  1. Hi Casey,
    Welcome to Tom's Hardware.

    Not sure exactly what you mean by making a folder not clickable. Let me explain -
    If you have a file, or folder you couldn't "click on" or activate, you couldn't open it - making it not very functional.

    There is a way to hover over a file, or folder to select, then just click once to activate, if you are trying to make it easier on your carpal tunnel.

    If you want it so others can't open it, there are a couple ways to do that:

    One would be to make the folder accessible only to your account (owner) and no one else. That way it's be visible but if someone else with a different account on your local machine tried to open it, it would deny them access. If someone logged in with your account (credentials), they just like you could see and access it.

    Another would be to "hide" the folder, so others wouldn't see it. Only you would know it's there. That's done on the folder or file properties dialog box where you would check the "hidden" checkbox.

    Possibly your idea is different than what's explained, if so give us all the minute details and someone will reveal their secrets to keep others paws off your stuff.
  2. ya, i understand what your saying but thats not my intent. Ya, see I'm making a program and I want some of the files that are built in to the program to be completely hiden, I keep a back up before i make the folder invisible, but if they can still click on the folder, what good does that do me? So, I want to make sure that it cant be clicked either, that way the people who use my program cant touch critical and or hidden, and important files.
  3. Your problem is pretty much solved by what john_VanKirk says. So +1 for john_VanKirk. Use the hidden folder function and in folder customization, select do not show hidden folder. And in credential, give users limited rights. Do not create admin account for other users to login, therefore remove their right to uninstall program.
  4. Hi Casey,

    If you are writing an applet, small program for others to use (buy), you might consider compiling it. Programming in Java, C++, C#, VB.Net, or any language thru Visual Studio lets you compile it to unreadable code, so you just double click on the executable file and the code there and in any library modules is humanly unintelligable.

    Others like Basic or HTML you can make read only but obviously a trained eye can understand the code.
  5. well the code im using is web based, its xml is their anyway to hide the coding to it?
  6. Not any way I know of to encrypt it. An example you can look at the source code of IE's home page, by clicking on 'source code'
    Possibly someone else might know how to make xml source code unreadable.
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