Windows 7 sleep problems (x58 motherboard) :cry:

Hi guys,
I am having a problem with my pc, when I put my computer to sleep, and I press the space bar, the indicator light on the front of the case lights up, and freezes, I tapped the space bar again, and waited a few minutes, nothing. I then pressed the power button once, and waited. Once again nothing happened, I had to force shutdown. When the pc shut down, the power light remained on, this doesn't usually happen. I turned on the pc and before the OS started up, I got a unsuccessful shutdown message. Then I started windows normally, and a blue screen flashed, and the pc restarted with a beep. Then it worked. This happens whenever I put my pc into sleep mode. I have been avoiding to use sleep mode for a while (over 4 months), and I was wondering if there is a solution to this.

I have the following system (only a few months old):

i7 950
evga x58 3 sli
6gb ram 1600mhz
windows 7
1.5 tb hard drive
750watt psu
nvidia gpu
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  1. The most common sleep issues are actually caused by outdated video drivers. Go to Nvidia's website and get the latest one if you haven't already done so. 275.33 should be the latest...
  2. Hi, I get similar problem. Windows dosnt sleep well. Cpu fan spinning and power button light up. I have to force shutdown. Same problem as fil1p.

    After restart, bios overclock setting reset to default clock. How can i solve it?
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