Article on benefits of going beyond 4GB RAM?

I've searched for this benchmark/review on Toms but haven't found it. All I found was the "Is Fast Memory Really Worth It?" piece.

A "Is More Memory Really Worth It?" article would really be nice for those of us contemplating that diabolical 24GB RAM build. (If the article already exists...a link would be great)

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  1. Depends on what you are doing. For most games,etc 4GB is plenty. Once you start loading lot of RAW photos in Photoshop,etc at once, you notice that 4GB doesn't cut it. Same goes for big renderings with Maya/3DS Max.
  2. This would make a good feature piece. I'll be sure the editorial guys know about it.
  3. randomizer, that link helped. But I noticed Tom's didn't tweak any software to use more than 3/4GB RAM. Most games are configured to limit RAM usage (eg Sims 2/3)

    ...tweaking config files can access more RAM & improve performance so if ever there's another article on this, I hope the article writers will take the time to check the game's memory configurations.

    I tweaked my Oblivion ini file to use twice the RAM (went from 4GB to 8GB) & got considerably shorter loading times.
  4. ^+1 on tweaking config settings.
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