What is the best X1950Pro deal?

I was wondering, if I were to go for a (PCIE) X1950Pro card, might it be worth it (price performance wise) to go for the more expensive HIS X1950Pro IceQ3 Turbo, or would a Sapphire X1950Pro be a better deal? The thing is that the HIS has a slightly higher core and memory speeds, but I wonder if those are the overclocked specs.. and I don't really like the idea of overclocking my card as it might get unstable then. Also, would a (no brand) 420W PSU suffice for such a card?

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  1. The HIS is better, because it uses a much better, quieter cooler. Go for the HIS for sure.

    Also, the X1950Pro in general is a very good deal.
  2. Not sure what the best deal is.... but from all the reviews I've read, the PowerColor X1950Pro is the best one out there at the minute...
  3. Dunno, but i'm buying Sapphire...the cheapest i think...or one of the cheapest for sure. I don't think the HIS is worth the extra money.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I've bought the HIS. Only gripe I have with it, so far, is that it didn't even include a 'molex to PCIE' cable. Now I have to find one of those somewhere before I can actually use the card.
  5. Your PSU should have a PCI-E connector.
  6. Not all PSU's do (mine doesn't) and this is known among developers too since the 'PowerColor X1950Pro' does provide the needed connector with their card.
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