hey all i need your help please

here my spe :

6600 core duo
leadtek 8800 gtx
asus striker extreme 2 giga ddr corsaire 6400 pro
tagan 900 watts
raptor 150 WD

here the story, i broke the little plastic thing on pci express 1...i didnt think i could break it but i forced to remove video card and boom, its done...

anyway when i plug the 8800 gtx on the pci express 1, and i start the pc, nothing happen beside the pc runs..monitor stays off..

but if i plug the card on pci express 2 or 3, everything run, and i can acces the bios but, after the bios it detects than my card is on pci express 2 and ask me to put it back on pci express 1 :/ any change to be able to cheat with this ? cause my pci express 1 doesnt work
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  1. I did the same thing the other day when removing my 7800 GTX. But the slot still works...

    Those PCI-E 16x slot retention things suck donkey balls. AGP's were much better.

    Maybe you didn't have the card in all the way...? BTW, those pci-e slots 2 and 3, are they 16x form factor or like 4x?
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