Which 7000 nvidias have AGP?

I have two questions for anyone willing to advise me.

1. I want to buy a Nvidia Gforce, probably 7600 (not sure GS or GT) but i need one that supports AGP. Can someone please tell me which ones do and also a source to get info on which companies make them.
Wikipedia lists these ones as being AGP but i need to know who makes them.

7800 GS, 7600 GT, 7600, GS7300, GT7300 GS

2. I have a bit of an old system but dont want to do a full upgrad for a year until vista and directx and the nvidia 8800 are settled so i just want to get a better graphics card.
I obviously dont want a card thats too far ahead of my general system specs but i want to push it a bit more so could someone please advise which higher card from the list i should get.

My system.

AMD XP 2.4 (real 2 ghz).
Windows XP.
1 gig ram.
250 gig 7200 speed HD.
Nvidia GeForce 5950 ultra 256 meg.

I want to replace the graphics card. Which one is more appropriate, meaning giving some boost to quality but not too held back by my older system.
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  1. i have a XFX 7800 GS extreme. Its factory overclocked (from 375/1300 to 440/1400)

    amazing card...
    However as you mentioned your system will bottleneck it like mine does :roll:

    I dunno how good the 7600 GT is cause iv never tried it, so you might wanna wait for someone else to fill in the gaps.

    From my experiance the 7800 GS extreme by XFX is a very good card...but costly.

    As far as i know XFX, BFG, EVGA, Club3D, Gainward have the 7800 GS cards. I might be missing a couple...

    also ATI is releasing a X1900 pro AGP card which should really be the fastest AGP card ever, but again thats also gonna cost a bit.
  2. Those all have agp versions.

    I'd recommend the Galaxy 7600GS with DDR3 and Zalman for the most
    quality bang for the buck. If it is not available, then some other 7600GS.
    7800GS AGP is too expensive, and your system may hold you back
    (especially if you don't oc).
    Who makes them? Well, almost everyone who makes nvidia cards.

    I have something similar:
    xp2400+ usually oc'd (nowadays around 2187,5 with 175 fsb instead of 133),
    and now a 9600Pro and a faulty 6800 :x that I'm trying to get working;
    Me too, I'm using this to hold out till my next system upgrade sometime next

    Oh and you can delete that other thread before a mod gets angry.
  3. I would recommend the 7600GT as this is one of the fastest AGP cards out with a price tag much lower then the 7800GS. Its clocks and memory speeds are much faster then the 7600GS, but will cost your around $30-$40 more depending on the model.

    XFX Support
  4. Hi, I have just fitted a Gigabyte 7600GS AGP to my Son's machine, upgrading from the ATI 9800 he had previously.

    This card works quite well and he is getting much better frame rates than before, don't actually know what they are but games run much smoother now.

    I didn't see the point of getting the 7600GT for him, although it is faster, I didn't think the system would have kept up with it. His specs are similar to yours Sempron 2800, 1G RAM etc.

    If you want something in between, I think I saw a 7600GST which has a higher clock speed and faster memory, can't remember who makes it though.

    Hope this helps, D.
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