How to take windows 7 OEM version back up to external hard disc


I bought Asus laptop recently, with that i got windows 7 OEM OS already installed, but i didn't have any recovery disc or something like that...

i've googled out, but i am confused with taking system image backup and with taking recovery disc options
what is the difference between those two?

what i want is, I want to take the current windows OS as one image (bootable iso image or something like that) so that i can install it, if my windows 7 crashes anytime in future. so that it works as it is in the present state.

Please help me how to make the bootable image to an external hard disc,
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  1. Use something like Acronis True Image to make a clone of your entire system and put it on that other disk. It will, of course, only work in your OEM machine with all the necessary drivers. Other cloning utilities are available - some of them free of charge - but Acronis is worth its money.

  2. Check start menu for some sort of recovery manager that will let you create a set of recovery dvd's.
  3. Windows 7 has a native imaging software.

    Control panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore
    Is this what you are asking about?

    An image is what you want to make for a backup. The recovery disc can be used in case of system files get corrupt or something else that prevents you from booting to the OS.

    Imaging is simple. Just click create a system image and follow the procedure.
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