is it the PSU's fault?

I ran memtest86+ for an hour in the morning when I just turn on my computer, and it ran error-free. But after ~3-4 hours of usage, I noticed it
s getting unstable, so I restart it and run memtest86+ again. This time, it shows tons of errors. But if I shut the computer down for like an hour, turn it back on again, and then run memtest86+, it would run error-free again. And pattern begins....

Is it my stock 420W that came with the case that's causing the problem??

PSU brand: TurboLink,
17A : +3.3V
25A : +5V
14A : +12V1
14A : +12V2
1A : -12V
1A : -5V
3A : +5Vsb

I did not trust it in the first place of building this first computer, but I didn't have enough money :x so I'm living off of it for like 1-2 weeks until I have the money to buy a new mid-range PSU.

And last, what do you guy think about this PSU??

Thanks in advance
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  1. ahh! it posted twice, I tried to delete one of them but it says "An error occured" :?

  2. temps?

  3. nope, CPU idle at 19C, GPU at 35C
  4. If you're using an unknown PSU, then its likely a very unreliable PSU since it probably has poor power regulation and that is probably the most likely cause of the glitches that you're been experiencing!

    My recommendation is to buy a PSU from a reliable source like PC Power & Cooling, Inc. Though it might be somewhat more expensive than the other brands, they at least test them to industrial standards and that their ratings are more conservative than other makers! Meaning, their power supplies are tested under true environmental stresses and therefore be more stable running under extreme uses than what you currently are using.

    Stable and very tightly regulated output is what you need if you don't want any memory errors. Remember that going cheap can get expensive down the line. I've seen some people try to get away with cheap PSUs and only to have their expensive rigs get destroyed by unstable and poorly regulated output from those cheap PSUs.

    PSUs are very important components that must be shopped for carefully or you might as well save up for new components since the power supply is the main component that must be carefully considered. Good luck!
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