RJ45 to RJ11

how to make cable or convertor on cat 5 cable RJ45 to RJ11
by mistake i buy a roujter from UAE which have RJ11 port and i live in UK here modem output is RJ45 i need to know how to make cable RJ45 to RJ11 or RJ11 to RJ45
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  1. There is a "Modem UK plug to Reversed US socket adaptor" on this page:

    Is that what you are looking for? Most phones here in the US use the RJ11 connection so I'd think that UK to US adaptor would work. I have only seen RJ45 for phone lines on PBX systems, the UK uses RJ45 for regular home phones?
  2. hi how to convert rj11 to rj45
  3. low how to convert rj11 to rj45
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