Guys Need help ! pelase

hi guys

i have bought in a PSU thats Only a 500 watt supply, not to mention slightly used like say 3 months at the most!
the specs are "
E6600 = stock for now
ASUS Striker Ectreme
one Cd or DVDROM
one HDD SATA 160 GB
with Corsair dominator 2X1GB Clip Stock Frequency
3 80 MM casing fans

My question is that i have heard that for the 8800 GTX u need to have PSU that has at least 30 AMP's on 12V rails rite ?

now i have only 1 12 V rail with a rating of 28Amps
let me tell you exactly wat is written on it

max out put +3.3v = 28A
max out put +5v = 50A
max out put +12V = 28A
// // -12V = 1A
// // -5V = 0.8A
// // +5VSB = 2.5A

max combined wattage for +3.3V and +5v = 250W
max combined wattage for +12V = 336 W
and after that its written 480 watt beneath these two reading

max combined wattage for -12V = 12W
max combined wattage for -5V = 4W
max combined wattage for +5VSB = 12.5W
and the max combines wattage for all these is written 28 Watt

it has got a huge bundle of molex connectors some Sata connectors and one dedicated PCI express connector.

i need to know will it serve my 8800 GTX if not please tell me if i put this in what would be the consequences>, is there any chance of getting the system fried ?

oh and one more thing its a rather unknown sort of Brand i think "FORCE",
and do tell me if it is fit for 8800 GTX will it server my system good ?
lastly is it safe to put one default connector in the PSU for PCI and the other shipped with the card (which connects to the molex connector)
or should i use both the connectors came with the GPU
thanx *(and sorry for a rather long post :oops: )
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  1. You will have no problem with that power supply running a 8800.
  2. You will have no problem with that power supply running a 8800.
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