looking for a good and CHEAP soundproof material

hi , i`m looking for a good and not so expensive soundproof material for my case ,

http://www.acoustiproducts.com/en/acoustipack_precut.asp which is very expensive

and something called akasa paxmate that reviews say isn`t that good

any recommendations ??
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  1. do you think bubblewrap would work? :roll:
  2. I don't use this in my chassis, I went with a big heat-sink and slow 120 cm fans...

    I do use it in my car and it is good shit...

  3. Was going to recommend Dynamat also.

    Although this seems cheaper, I am unsure of it's effectiveness. I would assume it is pretty good stuff.

    Here. <--- On sale.

    Another option.

    Let us know how it goes.
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