What Video Card to Buy?

I'm looking for a new video card to run on an Asus P5B Deluxe. Don't want SLI or Crossfire as it cost to much for 2 video cards. Looking to spend around $350 CDN (300 US). I've heard the ATI 1900XT is good but can't seem to find any in the Mississauga-Hamilton area (Canada).

What do you recommend of the following based on best performace for the buck? All range from $300-360.

GF 7900GS
GF 7900GT
GF 7900GT KO
GF 7900GTO
GF 7950GT
ATI 1900GT
ATI 1950Pro
ATI 1950XT
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  1. I've got the same question.

    I have an amd x2 4200 and I want to know what would be the best pairing for graphics card with that
  2. I wouldn't spend that kind of money now with cheaper dx10 cards coming out early next year. X1950 PRO>7900GS but a bit more expensive. 7900GS can be had for as little as $150 and should be fine until sometime next year. All depends on what quality settings you want and what res you want to play at. 7900GS is cooler and reqs less power. I'd go with that.

    Refer to the Guide in the Video Card section, and search there also. Wrong forum btw.

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