What Video Card to Buy?

I'm looking for a new video card to run on an Asus P5B Deluxe. Don't want SLI or Crossfire as it cost to much for 2 video cards. Looking to spend around $350 CDN (300 US). I've heard the ATI 1900XT is good but can't seem to find any in the Mississauga-Hamilton area (Canada).

What do you recommend of the following based on best performace for the buck? All range from $300-360.

GF 7900GS
GF 7900GT
GF 7900GT KO
GF 7900GTO
GF 7950GT
ATI 1900GT
ATI 1950Pro
ATI 1950XT
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  1. 7950 or 1950
  2. With the dx 10 cards already out, i personally have a tough time justifying a buy for 300-360 bucks. I would personally get a 7900gs (cheap with mir now), and wait for the midrange dx10 card next year.

    However, if you have your heart set on a card now, the 1950xt is the best performer in that list.

    Cleeves has a list of best cards for the money on the video card section in this forum. Go to the sticky of the short list on top. :D
  3. I was going to say the same thing about DX10

    If you're set on getting a good video card Right Now. Get a 8800GTS for 430 (after rebate)


    (ps my first post! I'm so excited! :D)
  4. Id say prolly the 1950xt, you can have the 256MB version pretty reasonably. ATI has really done their homework for those.
  5. The problem is that up here in the Great White North the 8800 cards are $600 plus with no rebates. Accounting simply will not allow that kind of expenditure if you know what I mean. So $319 on a x1950xt insn't so bad. As for dx10 and windows vista....I don't plan to fork out $299 retail or $199 upgrade for home premium. Unless there is a more reasonable price or Bill leaves one on my front door step for free I will not be using vista any time soon.
  6. I would recommand Radeon 1950pro, it has good performances and a good price :wink:
  7. the 7900 GTO was a kick butt deal
    i have it right now in my rig

    i pushed it to 700mhz core 1.6ghz mem

    i do believ thats a 7900 GTX speeds :)
    and the card only cost 250 instead of 420

    they were limited edition though because of the memory chips used for it
    had high defect count at large clock rates n so they made a special edition to get rid of the chips i play GRAW at 1440x900 with highest quality, 16x , everything maxed out , has never lagged or slowed down

    EXTRemly AWESOME COOLER THINGY! idle at 39c and maxed out one day at 51c on Need For sPeed Carbon
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