Godly G.Skill DDR2 1066 Memory

For a bit of premium, you can pick up 2 GB of this godly DDR2 1066 memory @ 4-4-4-5 timings: linkage

I saw that memory, and I was like, "Holy Sh!t."
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  1. out of stock and expensive as ****

    Thats looks good

    With D9GKX...
  2. Well yeah, but if you absolutely need the best Ram on Earth, why not get it? Besides, the link you posted is the standard 5-5-5-15. Mine is faster and is at 4-4-4-5. :P

    Some guy managed to get it to 3-3-3-4 at @ 1060 MHz with no voltage adjustments. Those are like... DDR timings. 8O

    Could it be that they've finally figured out how to tighten the timings to what DDR has?
  3. Nah, 2 is DDR timings, but once I get my SuperTalent, you might get a pleasant surprise.
    Thats actually the best ever binned HZs, notice the 2.4v stock voltage (prolonged warranty 8) )
  4. If you rember, when DDR400 cam out it was in the Cas 3-4.
    When DDRII came out it was in the CAS 5-6+.
    When DDRIII will come out it will have even higher latency.

    When the process matures and they get the hang of it they make higher quality stuff and manage to lower the timmings.

    I really don't think it's worth the price, the Ram I link will probably to almost as good!

    @ Dario which super talent are you getting?
  5. T800UX2GC4
  6. Damn does are priced nicely on Newegg, why didn't you recommend them to me!!!
  7. Because you said '$250' and didnt give me any overclocking goals, plus im interested in seeing how those Firestix turn out 8)
  8. Lol, ok...

    Oc Goals is 400 for me anyway, anything over that will be extra and welcomed. I think my 6600 will hit a wall before the ram does anyway!

    And yeah my budget can be stretched to anything under 300$...

    Now Blue or Red ummm. Those super talent look like sweet sticks!
  9. Red, for 400Mhz the supertalent will be massive overkill.
  10. Then I might Give it a shot with the FireStix.
    I will be sure to do some max freq test for you =)
  11. Thx :)
    Pm me with your entire rig if you feel like it needs a second opinion.
  12. I do not recommend this memory due to the fact that I had it in my system for about a month before it died horribly. I found that set in stock at newegg in late July for $489 and jumped on it. With stock voltage and 4-4-4-5 timing I was able to hit DDR2-1120, which put my X2 3800+ to 2.8GHz. These settings were stable for normal operation, but to pass a 24-hour stress test of two instances of Prime95, I had to back it down to DDR2-1108 (2.77GHz CPU).

    This was all good and well until a month later when my system started rebooting randomly and frequently. I tried dropping back to stock speeds and that didn't help. I ran Memtest86 on each DIMM individually for 12 hours each, which found 1403 errors on one DIMM and 9404416 errors on the other. I RMAed them back to newegg and received a refund since they were out of stock. Then I bought an OCZ Platinum 2GB DDR2-1000 Cas 4 kit and have been running steady at rated memory speed (2.5GHz CPU) since then. I'd like to see how the OCZ memory overclocks, but for now I need the system to be reliable (at least until this semester ends).

    Anyway, I see no reason why this memory should have quit on me since I didn't touch the voltages and my cooling system is ample. Also, if the memory dies more than a year after you buy it, newegg will not take it back, which means you get to RMA it to Germany. For these reasons I would suggest going with something else from OCZ or Muskin (I hear the Redline 2GB DRR2-1000 Cas4 kit overclocks well).

    Also, here are some screenshots to back up my experience claims:

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