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I have a Mac 6500/275 which I use all the time, and a new PIII/1000 Windows Me machine. Got an Orange Micro Firewire+USB card which will work in either machine. Installed it first on the PC which is much faster than the Mac, and was able to make up a short movie from my miniDV Canon camcorder using the supplied Windows Ulead VideoStudio 4 software.

I need to be able to play back the clip frame by frame to analyze motion. But while I can step through frame by frame in making the (AVI) movie, once it is rendered, I can only play it back continuously with either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. Tried both QT 4 and 5, which apparently converts the AVI format to the QT format.

But Quicktime lets me play back a video downloaded from the web (such as from the Apple site) on a frame by frame basis. Why can't I play back the movies I made the same way, frame by frame?

Would it be any different on the Mac - the software for the Mac is Adobe Premiere LT.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Pick up a copy of Virtual Dub for your PC. VD will play frame by frame but is not really a player.
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