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Got a problem when I installed my new graphic card.

December 2, 2006 4:59:56 PM

Not sure that this thread is in the right place.

Just checking if there might be someone that knows where the problem is.

Got my new graphic card today, a "Sapphire Radeon X1600PRO 512MB DDR2, AGP8X, Tv-Out, DVI-I, Lite-Retail".

I put it in the computer and installed the drivers with the cd that follows. Everything worked as it should but when I was trying a game I noticed the sound wasn´t working anymore. So I took out the soundcard to check what drivers I needed to download for it but when I turned on the computer again the screen didn´t start.

I got a message on the motherboard "FF": "The flash has been updated successfully. Make flash write disabled. Disable ATAPI hardware. Restore CPUID value back into register. Give control to F000 ROM at F000:FFF0h".

Don´t know if it should say that or if it tries to say something is wrong :p  but as I said gthe screen wont work anyway =/.

I thought that the computer might lack power so I put the old graphic card in instead but I got the same problem, the screen wont work. So now I don´t know what to do to make it work =/