When will RAM prices come down again?

I was wondering about this the other day when my friend pointed me out that the RAM we bought for his comp was like $100 more than when we got it this summer. Same RAM, I promise. Because I'm going to have to build a comp myself for next semester, since my brother is going to give away his laptop to a poor Ecuadorian family, and as a-holy as it sounds I don't want to be sharing and have to go to his room every time I want to use a computer, since this one belongs to him.
Sorry for the senseless rant, it just kind of slipped off.
When do you think? What do you recommend for a build for February with limited budget ~$500?
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  1. They probably won't come down a lot for your build; just keep an eye out for any good deals. Even now, you should be able to get 2x512MB for around $100.
  2. The release of Vista will keep the price up till at least Q2 2007; I think you need to look until next summer for any meaningful drop
  3. Agreed, everyone who upgrades to Vista will need more RAM too...damn Vista.
  4. http://www.the-inquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36014

    I haven't baught ram in a while, for personal needs either. The ram I buy is $30 to $100 more than it should be. Depending on what I need.

    Seems to me they're getting like the oil companies. Whatever the market will bear, compaired to charging the right price.
  5. There seem to be alot of double threads so I will post in this one also. With the C2D's being soo cheap and also the low end PCI-e vid cards everyone is upgrading. And since everyone needs memory it is artificially inflating the prices. Micron and others have jacked up the price on DDR2 IC's so they can stick it to everyone and make up for (ahead of time) the cost of designing and prototyping the ddr3 modules. Prices on ddr2 absolutely wont drop untill we STOP BUYING IT!!!
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