Gateway E4300 Bios Reset Password not working?

Hi, I have a Gateway E4300 that I bought from a friend a while ago and he set the bios admin password. I cleared the CMOS memory with the jack/pins to reset all the setings but the password is still there when you turn it on again. Is there any other way to clear all of the bios settings?

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  1. I don't think the jumpers change worked. Try removing the CMOS battery for 20 seconds, then put back in. 8)
  2. Remove the battery and short the CMOS jumper.
  3. There's a trick with the 4300's.
    You set the jumper to reset and turn it on.
    When it boots to the System Configuration screen, go to Enter System Setup.
    There's a setting for Clear All Passwords.
    When you do this and exit, it tells you to turn off the power and reset the jumper to normal.

    Weird, I know!
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