Is my x1950xt running too hot?

I just built a new E6600 rig in an antec P180 case. The system runs like a dream, but my video card might be getting too hot. My card's processor is at 50-54C at idle and has gone up to 78C after a few hours of playing FEAR multiplayer. I used ATI Catalyst to measure the temperature. I have heard other people complain about fan noise from their video cards, but the stock fan on my x1950xt is barely audible. Some people use third party programs to monitor/adjust their fan speed (ATItray tools). Is my card temperature too high? Will increasing my stock fan speed bring down my video card's processor temperature significantly? Will I face any problems if I install ATItray tools after I have already installed Catalyst? (I don't plan on overclocking my video card)
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  1. That's fine. Don't worry.

    My idles in the 50C and does get into high 70s also.

    The only way to have it run cooler is to have the fan running 100% all the time, or just get an aftermarket cooler.

    At higher fan speeds, it is loud, but while gaming, I usually have sound effects or music going, so it's not that much of a problem.

    Temps are fine. :wink:
  2. I use everest. When i check Catalyst to check GPU diode temp, it idles around 40C. Dont think mines ever popped over 50C. The GPU VRM will hit the mid 60's under load tho. It ran about 1-2C hotter with the stock fan. I run a Gigabyte X1900XT 512MB card.
  3. Quote:
    That's fine. Don't worry.

    Then there is no problem, thanks :mrgreen: .
  4. Your card temperature is a bit cooler than mine. Your case might have better cooling inside, but I don't think I need to worry any more about my card temperature. Thanks
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