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Newb needs major help....please!

Last response: in Wireless Networking
April 17, 2006 1:32:07 AM

OK, here's my situation. I;m running both a WRT54G and a WAP54G. My questions are these:

Do I need to set the security settings for these independently or does the WRT54G override the WAP (they are on the same network)?

What is the best way to learn about all the settings, the Linksys settings dialog isn't very intuitive for wi-fi newbies. The several tabs plus all the sub tabs are overwhelming. I don;t even use the w-fi myself, I have it set up for visitors, all my computers are wired into the network.

What about SES?

Is there software (freeware I hope) for scanning my area to see who is using the network?

I sure hope someone can point me int he right direction here. I pretty paranoid about someone getting on the network who isn't welcome.


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April 17, 2006 6:29:03 PM

The how to guide here on TomsNetworking is a good source.

Your WAP should have a status section showing who's connected. It should list MAC address, Machine ID, and assign IP address.

It you are not using the AP you should isolate it from your computers, for security reasons. I would set up securty on the AP, if it was mine. Some states have started passing laws requiring this now. But if its for clients/customers it may be difficult depending on how many you have. Being a residential product it has limitations.

The program I use is NetStumbler to scan who's in the area. It is free. It may not work if the AP is connected to the router.
April 17, 2006 6:32:51 PM

Thanks for the reply.

So are you sayig the AP has it's own independant settings? Are these overridden if I use SES?
April 17, 2006 9:23:41 PM

In most cases the router controls the DHCP, but not all brands all equal.

I'm not fimilar with the ses. Someone else may be able to answer that question.