Upgrade to CoreDuo2 system + AGP graphics card = crazy?

Hello all,

Was hoping for some advice regarding a cheap upgrade for me. I currently run an Athlon XP 3000+ with 2 gigs DDR ram on a Asus A7N8X mobo. 2 PATA hard drives. Earlier this year, I upgraded to a 7800GS KO AGP, a sweet card for this limited time. It's all served me quite well.

I've been thinking of a cheap upgrade to a Core Duo 2 system. Since I recently got the AGP graphics card, I'd like to keep it. RAM would also be nice to reuse.

A newegg search gives me only 3 mobos, all microATX, which have LGA775 core duo 2 support + AGP slot + DDR support.


I'd prefer ATX but I'll take what I can get (if this journey is a worthy one to begin with). I think these would allow me to keep my DDR (though my current configuration of 1gig+512+512 would have to be split up on these mobos with only 2 slots).

Probably would get the E6400 core duo 2 (~$220). For a grand total of <$300. Assuming everything works when put together.

With this current system, I'd probably continue along for another year or so. With this upgrade, perhaps it'll give me 2-3 years.

Plans for this system... ? gaming for as long as the 7800GS AGP will let me. Some video editing work (so I may need to get a separate firewire card). Since really the CPU will be re-used when the AGP card is outdated, I figure this is a nice upgrade for just the mobo price.

Thanks. Alternative suggestions for upgrades in the same price range are also appreciated.
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  1. Oh, now that I think of it, would my ATX case work with a microATX mobo? Hmm, small price addition there if it doesn't.
  2. If You Must follow the AGP upgrade route (Don't know why unless your being penny wise and pound foolish as you say), I would definitely suggest the ASUS P5PE-VM.

    Be advised: Over-clocking will be minimal if not nonexistant on these boards!

    Haven't seen a standard ATX format case that wouldn't except a uatx board... should have all the neccesary holes for stand-offs already predrilled. the uatx boards are basically just short versions of atx.
  3. Get the Asrock 775i65G. Newegg used to carry it, but not any more. Should be easy enough to find though. rev2.0 supports conroe.
  4. Quote:
    If You Must follow the AGP upgrade route (Don't know why unless your being penny wise and pound foolish as you say), I would definitely suggest the ASUS P5PE-VM.

    Be advised: Over-clocking will be minimal if not nonexistant on these boards!

    Thanks for your reply. Not planning on too much overclocking right now.

    Clearly you believe going the cpu+mobo+pci-e route would be the better fix. Any thoughts on a moderately priced PCI-E card to round out this upgrade?
  5. I can totally understand the need to keep costs to a minimum!

    If you want to save money buy not going bleeding edge, there are many deals to be had by going with an AMD X2 AGP setup (MSI Neo2-F comes to mind; I have a brand new one for sale, because that's what I WAS going to do 6 months ago). The other option would be the above mentioned Asus motherboard, and a Pentium D series CPU. Either setup would let you keep your current memory and video card, yet save money.

    If you were to go with a whole new setup (many would point this out as the best way (depending on your budget) would be a conroe setup; and use either an ATI x1950Pro or better, or a NVidia 7900GS or better.
  6. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2366119&CatId=0
    Here is one at TG But it is still micro ATX :?: Hope this helps :?:
  7. Considering you have a pretty high end video card, I'd say it makes sense to do the upgrade you're considering. Just my $0.02 worth. Of course, last spring I ended up going through the upgrade from a 478 socket P4 to dual core 775, and just ended up selling off all my old stuff to subsidize the cost. I was originally planning to do the gradual transition, but I got a good enough deal on my old stuff to let me do it all at once.

    Keep in mind though that your old stuff willl never be worth more than it is now; it will just depreciate further.

  8. Thanks all for the suggestions. I knew this forum would be the place to get the latest, greatest ideas.

    Currently, I think I'm heading for the Asrock Dual VSTA mobo ($57) + a core 2 duo E6400. For whatever reason, newegg's search didn't include this mobo as an AGP option.

    I think there is some question as to whether there is any good overclocking ability on this mobo, and the PCI-E is only x4 (if I decide to keep the mobo when I upgrade to PCI-E--unlikely). And Asrock in some forums does not have the greatest reputation/quality. But hopefully these are non-issues in my grand scheme of things.
  9. what do u mean? asrock dual vsta 775 rocks! Rock solid. In real life 4 lanes are just as good to play games. You don't really need the bandwidth of 16 lane, I don't know any gfx that takes advantage of the whole 8gb/s bandwidth. For medium cards like say: 7600gt or 7900gs this mobo is the best.

    Don't expect much o/c...but you knew that already.
    I say go with the asrock. I was also skeptical at first, but after using it for a full month, I'm not anymore.

    Also gradual upgrading is exactly what I'm doing as well.
    next step would be: sell the agp 6800gs and get the 7900gs pci-e.
  10. I would definely wait until you can afford a system based on PCI-E. Preferably with a DX10 card. Yes, you will get better performance with the Core Duo, but your actual setup is not too bad either. If you upgrade in small steps, the E6300 will seem to slow when you are ready to upgrade the graphics card, so you will probably not reuse it in the end.
    Save the money, and get a much faster quad core CPU with a DX10 card in 9 months.
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