Pentium D 3.0 (925) Over Clock

I have a asus p5vdc-x and a duo core pentuim D 3.0, I cant get it to overclock without the bios being unresponsive, I have 2 GB of DDR2 OCZ 533. I know i could overlock up to 3.4 being stable. everytime i change a fsb freqency above 200, the bios become unresponsive and I am required to reset to c-mos on the motherboard for it to work. I use to have a p4p800 deluxe with ai booster to overclock. I belive this model of motherboard doesnt support it, If you kno what i May be talking about let me know whats. Any opions are appreciated.

3.0 duo core pentium D
asus p5vdc-x
2gb OCZ 533 ddr2
10k raptor 36 gb
updated bios
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  1. No ideas? anyone else have a pentium D 9XX? overclock? or anything along those lines of a performance increase?
  2. im running a pentium d 925 3.0 on a Biostar p4mst-890 and since i was looking to upgrade anyways i decided to see what she'll do, so i upped the bus speed from 200 to 233 and got 3.50ghz out of her (actually 3.495) and did a heavy load simulator with her working at 100% for 15 minutes and she never got too hot, and i havent had a single issue with it yet. (knock on wood) i guess im lucky lol, but i guess i wont need to upgrade for a while lol
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